Sell Avon Today and Help Make the World More Beautiful

Sell Avon Today and Help Make the World More Beautiful

Follow these 5 simple steps to begin your Avon journey TODAY!

1. Go to

2. Fill out the SIMPLE form

3. Enter Reference code: KKARPOWITZ

4. Pay the small $15 sign up fee

5. Congratulations! You are now an official Avon Representative!

How do I get started with Avon?
To begin selling Avon is SIMPLE! Fill out the registration form and choose between 2 business tools that will get you started. You will then pay the sign-up fee which is ONLY $15 and CONGRATULATIONS you have NOW become an official Avon Representative!

What happens after I sign up with Avon?
You will start by entering the New Representative Center where you will find info and support for your business as you get started. Your start-up kit will be mailed directly to you and you will be contacted by me to welcome you, answer every question you may have, and guide you as you start up your Avon business.

Can I earn back my Avon start-up fees within 30 days?
Most Avon Representatives do and I sure did! Share your business with everyone you know and meet! Also, there is a large amount of FREE online training available to you to teach and help you succeed!!  

How much can I make selling Avon?
Your earnings are limitless!! The earnings you make with Avon will match your efforts. I can’t stress how true this is!! Once you sign up as an Avon Representative you will be given the opportunity to grow your earnings as you grow your sales. Build on your income by recruiting others and earning on their success!

How do I place orders and get paid?
When selling Avon face-to-face, it is simple! You collect your customers’ payment with their order. The products will be sent to your home for you to deliver to your customers. For online customers, I recommend selling to them via Direct Delivery Only. By doing this you will receive payment and earnings through direct deposit! The process is simple and I will be here to assist you every step of the way!

How can I be successful at selling Avon?
Avon claims that building relationships is at the heart of your business. I love to help others learn to love themselves and Avon gives me this opportunity to share my passion of makeup, beauty, and success with others!  Demonstrating products, handing out samples, trying and recommending products to your customers are just a few ways that will help you succeed!

Can I be successful selling Avon online only?
Yes! I sell Avon online and I love it! Avon provides a social media center in your representative portal that gives you unlimited opportunities to share your Avon business through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. I do suggest sharing your Avon business with your local friends and family… will be surprised at how many people have been looking for an Avon representative in your area!