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Welcome to Love Yourself Beauty Online! This website was created by Kimberly Karpowitz who began selling Avon in June 2015 and lives in Utah. She joined Avon to supplement her family's income and allow her husband to go to graduate school and graduate with minimal student loan debt. Kim holds the SILVER AMBASSADOR title and leads a team of Avon Representatives that spans across 20 different states and is growing EVERY DAY! She has achieved many incentives including the "HIT $100" program  and is one of the top-performing Contenders in Avon's 130th Anniversary bracelet incentive!!! Kim is so excited to have you joining her on this journey for yourself and to help others learn to love themselves from the inside out! She has always had a passion for beauty and cosmetics and feels the focus of makeup is to ENHANCE the natural beauty, not change it! If you have not already, join her on this journey to help others learn to love themselves from the inside out! Go to www.startavon.com and enter reference code: KKARPOWITZ!
This website was designed for Avon customerscurrent Avon Representatives, and prospective Avon Representatives! If you are interested in buying Avonselling Avonselling Avon online or becoming and Avon representative you have come to the right place. Within this website you will find reviews of Avon products, Avon selling tipsAvon recruiting tipsAvon coupon codes,   inspirational writings to help you get through the week, and much more!   Click the link below to answer the questions you came to this website looking for!