Avon Senses Cherry Blossom Shower Gel

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Customer Rating4.7/5 Stars from 27 reviews

Comments and Reviews about Avon Senses Cherry Blossom Shower Gel:

-ClnCln from Canyon Country, CA rated this product 5/5 stars and said: GREAT

Love the smell and it works great in the shower.
·         Goes On Smoothly
·         Smells Great
·         Softens Skin

-Linda from Gresham, Oregon rated this product 5/5 stars and said: SMELLS WONDERFUL

I love this product so soft and smells great

·         Goes On Smoothly
·         Moisturizes Well
·         Not Greasy
·         Smells Great
·         Softens Skin
·         After Shower/Bath

-Suzanne274 from Naples, FL rated this product 5/5 stars and said: Simply Divine!

This body wash has lots of suds and a great smell. It's sudsy and rinses clean, leaving my skin so soft and smooth. A great way to refresh during the spring and summer.
·         Smells Great
·         Softens Skin

96% of respondents would recommend this Avon product to a friend

Same great product, brand new name. Avon Naturals is now Avon Senses.

You'll feel flirty and feminine with the alluring fragrance of blushing cherry blossoms accented by dewy apples and sweet red berries. This shower gel comes in a 5 fl. oz. bottle. 


• Creates a rich, creamy lather

• Gently cleanses

• Conditions skin with moisture


• Pour a small amount onto a wet washcloth, sponge or pouf, or directly into palm of hand. Lather, then rinse. 

To enhance your fragrance experience, also use the Cherry Blossom Body Lotion, Body Spray, Hand Cream and Sparkling Shimmer Mist.

Made in USA


• Non greasy and gentle

• Easily removes any face or eye makeup

• Great for home or travel!

• Skin feels totally cleansed and refreshed

• Enriched with minerals including zinc, magnesium, iron, and copper

Benefits to YOUR beauty: Add Avon’s Senses Cherry Blossom Shower Gel to your shower routine to cleanse your skin and remove all the impurities from your skin! This Avon shower gel will leave you feeling supple and perfectly scented!

Remember: You are beautiful and ALWAYS Love Yourself!!

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