Tips To Build A Successful Avon Business

Tips To Build A Successful Avon Business

If you've come to this page, you're most likely looking for ways to SELL MORE AVON! Whether your looking to SELL MORE AVON face to face or online, you've come to the right place! I choose to sell both ways and have become successful through both routes! I love the online selling approach because all you do is provide your online information and....well, watch the orders come in! My #1 tip to start selling Avon is #1. Get your name out there, don't be shy, share that you are an Avon lady with EVERYONE that you know and run in to! Don't be offended if someone declines your brochure or business card offer, they are saying "No" to Avon, NOT YOU! Also, make sure you show that person you aren't upset that they are not buying from you, you never know, one day they will hear about the great customer service and products you offer and choose YOU to become their Avon rep! CHECK BACK OFTEN FOR NEW IDEAS TO INCREASE YOUR AVON SALES!

2. Be a walking Billboard! Show the world what Avon (you, the Avon Rep) has to offer!

3. Get business cards with your contact info and Avon E-store info. Carry these Avon business cards with you at all times. Pass these cards out when you don't have an Avon brochure on hand or want to encourage online sales!

4. Give out samples with your books. Hand out "Fat" Avon brochures! Customers and prospective customers LOVE to try the Avon products before they buy. Plus, making the brochures "fat" gets the customer to open the book!......which is key to getting an order!

6. Spray your orders with Avon perfume to catch the attention of your Avon customers and let them sample the fantastic Avon perfumes Avon has to offer with little cost to you as the Avon representative!

7. Set goals! You can't get where you're going if you don't have a destination in mind!

8. Put labels on your books with your name, phone number, Avon e-store website, Avon coupon codes, and anything else you would like to add to catch the attention of your prospective Avon customers.

9. Give out gifts with each order, large or small! I place a Life Saver mint in each order as a little "Thank You"! Customers love this little surprise and it shows the customer that you really care and have attention to detail! This small act is good for beginner Avon Representatives because the cost is minimal to start.

10. Complete the MANY education opportunities Avon University has to offer to new and seasoned Avon Reps. This tool is priceless, it's FREE to all Avon Reps and you can find it in your portal. Avon University offers classes from Anew clinics to how to manage new Representative Leads that can be added to your Avon Team!

11. Make your brochures go further by separating the brochures you currently have into small brochures. This tip is great for new Avon Reps or those on a tight budget! This is great to get new customers, put a label on the book that says "Sample Brochure, If you like what you see, contact me at (phone number) to get the full brochure" or customize it to your liking. Make sure to keep full Avon brochures on hand so when someone does ask, you have it readily available for them.

12. Utilize your Social Media Center on your website to advertise your e-store and the Avon Products.

13. Share Avon products, Avon coupon codes, Avon free shipping codes, and other Avon product offers on your personal Facebook page.

14. Host an Avon Launch Party to introduce friends, family, neighbors,and potential customers to the awesome products Avon has to offer.

15. Create an Avon Facebook business page and invite all your current Facebook friends to "Like" your page. (follow all the guidelines listed in the social media section of your account).

16. Create an Avon Facebook group and share Avon products, Avon discount codes, Avon free shipping codes, Avon free item with purchase codes, Avon opportunity information, and anything else you would like to add that will catch your audiences (customers and potential customers) attention!

17. Hang your Avon brochures on your car when you park your car at work, at the shopping center, at the train station, or anywhere your car is seen!! You can get suction cups at the dollar store with a hook that allows you to hang your Avon brochures on your car. Then fill a clear literature bag with an Avon brochure and a sample. Tape a sign onto your car window that says "FREE AVON BOOK, PLEASE TAKE ONE" or something you feel would catch the attention of the public! You can also place your books on your windshield or your rear window wiper blade.  Be creative and share your ideas in the comment section below!

18. Host an Avon home party! Show the latest products and provide samples for your guests to try. You can do a brochure party where your customers order form the brochures. You can also stock products and sale them at the party! Offer to the hostess an Avon gift certificate based on the party sales!

19. Become an Avon ANEW Skin Care Specialist. Take the FREE course available to all Avon Representatives on Avon University. This will help you increase your ANEW knowledge and sales. Being confident in your knowledge of the Avon ANEW Skin Care Line will help close the sale with your Avon customers. Don't forget to sing them up with Auto-replenishment to make sure they NEVER RUN OUT of the Avon ANEW products!

20. Give and extra brochure to each customer and ask them to give the extra 1, 2, or even 3 brochures to friends, family, or someone they know who might be interested in buying or selling Avon. You can even offer a referral incentive to them like 10% off their next order if the customer they refer places an order of $25 or more. You can be creative and decide what offer you want to give your customer.

21. Place a vinyl Avon logo on your car. Make sure the sign informs people that they can buy from and sell with you. Share your Avon estore URL, name, and best phone number.

22. Get an Avon yard sign. Use Town & Country for your Avon signage.

23. Get an Avon logo pin, shirt, bag, jewelry, etc. to wear whenever you are out and about.

24. ALWAYS have brochures with you wherever you go! You never know when you will run in to someone or someone approaches you (because you are wearing your Avon logo item ;) )!

25. When I go to the store I like to thank the cashier for their service and offer a FREE Avon brochure :)

26. Place an Avon sign with your contact information in your YARD! This catches peoples attention and lets people know that you are in their area and are wanting new clients!

27, Follow-up!!!! I can't stress this enough! The success is in the follow-up! Although you may have Avon on your mind 99.9% of the time, your customer does not! It wont hurt to send out a reminder text/email or make a quick phone all letting them know your order goes in at such and such time and if they need anything to let you know. Or you can be more blunt and ask if they have anything they would like to order?

28. Deliver brochures to community centers. This reaches a lot of people and the population that attends theses centers are generally the elderly who are already familiar with Avon, or better yet, are currently looking for an Avon representative.

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29. Leave brochures at your gym!

30. Leave brochures at your place of child daycare.

31. Leave your brochures at your church

32. Leave brochures at your Salon. Ask if you can place a basket at their location. Stock the basket with Avon brochures, Avon business cards, Avon samples, and leave a special gift with the salon owner to thank them for allowing you to leave the basket there.

33. Send brochures with your husband to work.

34. Leave brochures in dressing rooms.

35. Leave brochures in your taxi/bus/train or other mode of transport.

36. Leave brochures on store shelves. I would take caution doing this as Walmart is not a fan because we are competition to them :), so make sure you are not leaving brochures in places of competition.

37. Take brochures to your child's extracurricular activities! These places are LOADED with board moms/dads who need something to do or look at and women tend to spend more when they are in a group!

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38. Make Halloween packets to hand out to the parents of trick or treaters!

39. Get a Pinterest account and pin Avon brochures, Avon products, Avon sales, Avon coupons, and anything Avon you can think of. Make sure to ALWAYS add your Avon URL in the pinterest description.

40. Share the Avon opportunity with everyone you meet/know!  You can build your team this way which brings in extra earnings as well as get new customers who may not (yet) be interested in selling Avon.

41. Do a fundraiser! Fundraisers can increase your customer base. Fundraisers also increases your earnings level!! You are guaranteed 50% earnings on fundraiser sales and you have the freedom to choose how much of that is donated to the organization/person of your choosing. See ""AVON"ues of fundraising" for help and ideas on fundraising!

42. Connect with your customers face-to-face AND online. Get your face-to-face customers' email to add them to your Avon promotional emailing list.

43. Personalize your Avon estore. Go to and click on the "WEB OFFICE" tab then select "Edit My estore" to customize your e-store. I suggest adding a photo to begin with and I only allow Direct Delivery orders to be placed on my estore to avoid fraudulent orders! If they can't pay for it while ordering online, they won't pay for it during the deliver, or ever.

44. Update your answering machine or voicemail announcement to let people know you are an Avon Independent Sales Representative.

45. Send a Grand Opening email to all your friends and family letting them know you are and Avon Independent Sales Representative and you are now open for business!

46. Hand out Avon brochures and samples to everyone you know and meet. Gather their contact information so you can follow up with them to see if they have anything they would like to order.

47. Share the Avon Opportunity with everyone that you know. Building your team will allow for greater earnings with your Avon business!

48. Follow up with Customers and Current and Prospective team members

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49. Follow up with everyone you gave a brochure to or discussed the Avon Opportunity with through text, email, or phone call. Follow up is the KEY TO SUCCESS!!

50. Send frequent email postcards to all your Avon estore customers.

51. Teach and mentor your team on how to succeed with selling Avon face-to-face and online as well brow to build their own Avon team.

To see the full list of tips I have accumulated visit my blog by following this link

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3 Simple ways to shop with Avon online

1. Shop My Avon Website- Shopping on my Avon website allows for you to shop when and where you want! You can shop by individual categories such as skin so soft, mascara, eye shadow, shower gel, eyeliner; the Avon product list goes on and on!

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