Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow

Avon Eye Dimensions Eye shadow

Avon Brochure Sale Price: Buy 1 get 1 for $2.99 during campaign 5 2017

Avon Brochure Regular Price: $9.00

Customer Rating: 4.2/5 Stars

Comments about Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow:

Jen from Chicago, Illinois says:
Has been the best eyeshadow ive ever found in my life. I would be devastated if they ever stopped selling it. I have 3 out if the 4 colors an love them all, i wear it every single day!!

Me Shell from Wallingford, CT says:
I use this eye shadow everyday. Just wish it didn't rub off and fad so quickly. However still my favorite eye shadow!

Rebaz from Milwaukee, WI says:
This is my new go to every day eye shadow. It is shimmery without looking overdone, and doesn't accentuate my 40's eye creases. It blends really well. I'm loving this, and will definitely order more.

Ms. Texas 
from Texas says:
What a pretty eyeshadow trio! The darker color is intense. The two lighter tones are more sheer with gorgeous sparkle. It looks great and is so fun to apply. Love it!

Luminous, pure-color shadows layer and blend to sculpt eyes. Vibrant, silky formula wears for hours without creasing. .088 total oz. net wt.

Benefits to YOUR beauty: Add Avon’s Eye Dimensions Eye shadow to add the perfect sparkle! Choose from 5 fabulous color combinations to spice up your look!

Remember: You are beautiful and ALWAYS Love Yourself!!

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