Avon Magix Face Perfector featured in redbook magazine!

Avon Magix Face Perfector Spotlight

Have you seen Avon in the news? Avon products are leaving their mark in many magazines and showing what they are made of! Avon magix face perfector is one of my "must have" makeup routine items!

Comments and Reviews about Avon MagiX FacePerfector:

mj from Santa Cruz, Ca says:
I use this product everyday over moisturizer and instead of makeup. It cuts down on the shine, blends in with my skin tone, and has great staying power. There used to be an illuminating variety of this face perfector, which I loved for evening wear; I can no longer find it.

Nisi from Moreno Valley, CA says:
I have used this product since it originally came out. I have always liked it and still do. It makes my face seem smoother and covers up those areas that foundation does not. Its great!!!

Red from Tucson,AZ says:
I have been using MagiX for 5+ yrs, I have tried other primers and nothen even compares to this product. In the summer it is all I wear. Goes on smooth with a silkey finish. It reduces my pores and evens out my skin. I really hope Avon Nevers discontinues this product, I would be lost without it!!! 
Thank you Avon for making such a wonderful product.

MagiX Face Perfector

Avon Brochure Regular Price: $12.00
Item #: 254-616

Customer Rating: 4.5/5 Stars from 324 reviews

Upgraded formula! Is it makeup? No, it's MagiX! Avon's exclusive HD Finish Complex provides the "magic" in this colorless skin-perfector.

A revolutionary colorless gel-to-powder formula provides invisible coverage for a naturally flawless finish and keeps skin looking naturally matte for 7 full hours. The "magic" behind magiX is Avon’s patent-pending High Definition Finish Complex, an exclusive complex that works to counteract shine and visibly smooth the look of fine lines and pores! The Face Perfector can be used as a primer, but also can be used on its own to blur away and imperfections. The colorless primer is perfect for all day wear and fights the look of oily shine, it also has SPF 20 to help keep your skin healthy and glowing.

• Dermatologist-tested
• Oil-free
• Non-comedogenic
• Smooth, glowing and radiant skin!
• SPF 20
• Contains a blend of Fleece Flower and Rose Extract
• Formulated with patent-pending HD Finish Complex for a photo ready look
• Instantly hides the look of uneven skin texture
• Keeps skin looking naturally matte for 7 full hours
• Contains fleece flower and rose extracts
• Reduces the appearance of pores
• Suitable for all skin tones
• Sleek new packaging

• Apply MagiX directly to face, rub in primer all over your face
• Wear alone or under foundation

1 fl. oz.
SPF 20

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Benefits to YOUR beauty: Add Avon’s MagiX Face Perfector to your daily routine to prime your face! It will allow for flawless makeup application and perfect makeup all day!

Remember: You are beautiful and ALWAYS Love Yourself!!

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