Avon Leadership Frequently Asked Questions

Avon Leadership Frequently Asked Questions

New Representative Onboarding: Frequently Asked


Q: What are all these new terms I’m hearing?
A: Along with our new onboarding process, we’re modernizing some of the language we
use! Here’s a cheat sheet:

• Enrollment replaces sign-up, self-appointment or online appointment. In the
enrollment, a new Representative completes their agreement on StartAvon.com
and thus completes the process of becoming an Avon Representative. This
enrollment can be done face-to-face with the Mentor, or virtually, on the
Representative’s own or with guidance.

• The Mentor is the person who appoints the new Representative. You might know
this person as a recruiter, sponsor or upline Leader.

• The Connection Card is a new tool for you to use. This gives you a place to
record a recruit’s contact information and schedule a follow-up, whether that be
to celebrate her successful enrollment, guide her through enrollment on
StartAvon.com or discuss the opportunity further with her.

• The Get-Together replaces the appointment or first training contact.

• Mentor Coaching Calls replace training calls or contacts.

Q: How does this enrollment happen in our new onboarding experience?
A: Onboarding a new Representative has always been a two-step process – contract
completion, and follow-up meeting. That’s still the process! Only, instead of a paper
contract filled out by hand, this process will be completed exclusively online, followed
by the Get Together.

But enrolling online doesn’t mean you can’t explain the opportunity face to face and get
your new recruit started. You’ll still review their goals and their reasons for joining Avon
(their “why”). Put the new Connection Card tool to use as part of this meeting. Avon
Appointments (or, “eAPS”) has been disabled and should no longer be used as a tool to
create new Representative contracts.

From the StartAvon.com site, if you have access to a computer, smartphone or tablet,
you can help your recruit enroll online right then and there. Or, give the recruit the site
address (StartAvon.com) and your personal reference code (remember, it’s the last part
of your Online URL address: www.youravon.com/jwhitver). Then, they can enroll online
as soon as they have online access. After the recruit completes enrollment through
StartAvon.com, their kit will be shipped directly to them within three to four business

Although the materials are updated, the fundamentals are the same. Use the
information on the Connection Card to schedule the get-together once the
Representative receives the kit, to start her on her journey – just as before.

Q: What if there is no internet service in the location where I meet a new recruit?
A: No problem. Get to know your potential recruit, then fill out the Connection Card. This
will help you schedule a time to get together in a place with internet accessibility, and
you can help the recruit enroll and get started.

A potential new Representative can also call the Leads Management Team
(Phone #: 1-800-FOR-AVON), and a specialist will help them enroll. Additionally, when
the Sales Leader’s reference code is provided, the new Representative will be assigned
to that Leader’s downline.

Q: What if my recruit does not own a computer or have easy access to one?
A: Many people have a smartphone or tablet – they work just as well. You may
consider having one with you when you’re out recruiting. Encourage your recruit to
reach out to a family member or friend who owns a computer (it’s always more fun with
friends). They can also consider visiting a local library to use a computer there.

Q: If my new recruit doesn’t have a Social Security Number, can I still help them
A: Yes. New Representatives can enroll using a valid Individual Taxpayer Identification
Number (ITIN) or EIN (Employer Identification Number). Both of these can be obtained
through an application to the IRS. You can access more information here.

Q: What support pieces will I have to offer my recruit at the time of the
A: Think of this contact as a time to truly get to know your recruit and find out more
about their dreams and goals. Review and share Avon’s formula to success:
• Encourage them to watch the welcome video
• Help them set up, personalize and advertise their Online Avon Store immediately
• Announce their new business on social media

• Help them create a customer list, then import the customers to their address
book so they can easily promote their business to those contacts
• Share our new KickStart program flyer, which introduces an incentive opportunity
exclusively for their first 7 campaign.
• The Getting Started booklet will also be available on YourAvon.com – use it with
your new recruit to help them get started setting their goals and working toward

Schedule your Get-Together in the next few days, after the new recruit receives their kit
from Avon. During that meeting, show them how to use their kit to promote their new
business. You can also talk about the KickStart program in more detail, connecting it to
ways to achieve their dreams and goals. Then review and build upon their contact list to
help widen their reach as they promote their business.

Q: If all enrollments occur online, how can I select the district of my new recruit?
What happens when I recruit someone who lives in a different district?
A: The Sales Leader no longer has the option to select the district in which the new
recruit will be placed. The new recruit will be assigned to the district in which they reside
based on the zip code of her legal mailing address.


Q: What about our Starter Kits? Are those changing too?
A: That’s correct. We have introduced three new starter kits, in line with our new
Onboarding experience:
• $25 Quick Starter Kit
• $50 Advanced Starter Kit
• $100 Premium Starter Kit
Our newest Representatives can choose the kit that’s best suited for the goals they
have for their business and growth. We even have a fun optional quiz to help them
make the selection that right for them

Q: What if my recruit wants the kit immediately after our initial face-to-face
A: After the recruit completes enrollment through StartAvon.com, their kit will be shipped
immediately directly to them and they should receive it within three to four business
days. As the Mentor, you should plan to schedule a Get-Together after the recruit
receives their Starter Kit. That’s the perfect opportunity to continue building your
relationship and help them get started on the path to success.

In the meantime, your new recruit should set up and personalize their Online Avon Store
immediately, as soon as they enroll. Sharing it with family and friends on social media is
the perfect way to begin promoting their new Avon business immediately. You can also
leave them with a few brochures and samples to begin promoting their Avon business
with family and friends before their kit arrives.

Q: How will I know when the new Representative’s kit has been shipped?
A: Leaders will receive an email confirming when your new recruit’s kit has been

All starter kits must be paid in full before shipping (even if a Representative is eligible for
credit). Avon will absorb the taxes and shipping fee for all three starter kits. Once paid
and processed, all starter kits will ship immediately after enrollment (please note,
branches ship only on business days, excluding weekends; for Alaska, Hawaii, and
Guam, kits may take up to 7-8 business days to arrive). Please note, Trendsetter
Representatives will receive their advance literature as a separate shipment, if it is not
available at the time their starter kit is shipped.

Q: I’m having a recruiting event and want to have kits on hand. How can I order
A: Representatives at Gold Leader level and above can purchase a limit of one (1)
Premium Starter Kit (in each language) as demos to showcase while recruiting. Leaders
will get award sales on this purchase! Later in the year, we anticipate opening this
opportunity to a broader set of active recruiters.

Make sure you also have the new recruiting booklet on hand to start the conversation,
and the Connection Card to help you set the time and place for your next meeting. If you
have a laptop or iPad, bring it with you to enroll people on the spot at your event. Use
StartAvon.com to get your new recruit enrolled and help them select their kit.

Q: What if I want to showcase the options that the $25 and $50 kits have to offer?
A: The $100 Premium Starter Kit includes all the products from the $25 Quick Starter Kit
and the $50 Advanced Starter Kit. So if you have the $100 kit on hand, you can break
out the products to illustrate what’s included in the other two kits. It’s that easy!

Q: What if I have a potential recruit that wants to sign up and pay for their kit
during a face-to-face discussion?
A: Great! Congrats to you on your newest team member. After showing them the
different kit options using the materials that make up the $100 Premium Starter Kit, you
should assist them with their enrollment on StartAvon.com. Guide them through the fun
kit selection questionnaire to help them select the best kit for them. They can use a

credit or debit card to order the kit, and it will be shipped to them within three to four
business days.

Q: What if the potential recruit wants to pay with cash?
A: As all enrollments must be processed online, cash is not an option. We recommend
your recruit use a credit card to pay for her kit for quick, easy and secure processing. If
the recruit does not have a credit card, they can use the cash to purchase a Visa or
MasterCard pre-paid debit card, which is also an acceptable form of payment. Cash,
personal checks and money orders are no longer accepted forms of payment for the
enrollment fee effective September 16th 2016.

Q: How long does my new Representative have the option to order these starter
A: Representatives will be able to choose one of the three new starter kits ($25, $50 or
$100) at their time of enrollment only – these kits will not be available to order later. Kits
are limited to one per Representative.

Q: Can my new Representative order more than one kit?
A: Kits are limited to one per Representative at the time of enrollment. However, there
will also be plenty of key bundle opportunities for your new Representatives to look out
for in their coming campaigns. These are additional opportunities to get key product
bundles at a Representative-only price to assist them in their selling endeavors.

Q: Does the kit sale count as a first order? Can the Representative use the price
toward award sales?
A: The starter kit payment is considered part of the enrollment fee only. It does not
constitute a first order, nor does the amount count toward a Representative’s award
sales. Kit sales will also not be factored into Sales Leadership.

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