New Avon Representative Guide!

New Avon Representative Guide!

(Produced by New Avon LLC)

I've just started my Avon business and I'm really excited. Now, how do I get customers? 
Spread the word! Tell everyone you know that you sell Avon. Wear the makeup, clothes, and jewelry to promote the latest Avon looks. Share the latest brochures and distribute them everywhere you go (always keep a few in your bag!). And share the link to your personal Avon online store so people can shop with you 24/7. If you have a smartphone, make sure to download the Avon Social Media Center app. The posts you share from the app link directly to your online store, so anyone who clicks will be shopping with you!
Where do I get my Avon brochures? Are they free or do I need to purchase them? 
Avon brochures are essential to running a successful business. Your Starter Kit includes brochures for your first campaigns of selling. Brochures need to be purchased and are available in packs of 10, and the cost varies depending on how many ordered—the more you buy, the lower the cost. And with the KickStart Program, Avon will supply new Representatives with one pack (10) of free brochures with a order of $50 or more in LOA 1-5. The free brochures arrive right in your order. Make it a habit to purchase brochures every campaign order so you have fresh products to share with friends and customers every campaign!
How do I know when my order is due?
When you log into, you'll see the date and time that your order is due on the "My Orders" page. You may also contact the Avon Customer Insight Center (English: 1-866-513-2866Spanish: 1-866-588-2866) or your Avon Mentor with any question on order submission deadlines. 
How do I earn as an Avon Representative?
You earn with Avon and get paid when you collect money from your customers. During the ordering process, you pay Avon for the products you purchase on behalf of your customers. And when you collect payment from your customers, the earnings from the price difference are your profit – the difference between what you pay Avon and what your customer pays you. For example, say your customer wants to purchase an Anew skin care product priced at $28 in the brochure. When you place your order, you pay $16.80, provided you've hit your KickStart sales goal and are earning 40%. That $11.20 difference is your earnings. 
Are there any other ways I can earn?
There are tons of different ways to earn with Avon! Avon runs a variety of incentives and programs in which you can earn rewards for hitting certain targets (these rewards are in addition to your usual campaign earnings from your orders). You can choose to receive any cash rewards you earn from an incentive via direct deposit to your bank account (our recommendation!). The money you earn will be deposited directly into your account.
If you choose not to receive earnings by direct deposit, they will be add to a Visa pre-paid card that will be mailed to your address. Once you receive the card in the mail with your first earnings, additional earnings will be automatically added to your card as you accumulate them.
In addition to incentive rewards, if you become a member of Avon's Sales Leadership program, your Leadership earnings will also be transmitted to you via direct deposit or pre-paid card. Learn more about our Leadership program on > Sales Leadership.
What are the shipping costs for my orders each campaign? 
When you place an order on, choose "Regular Shipment," and we'll combine all those orders into one shipment that will be sent to you on your scheduled ship day. Need it faster? Get your order shipped the next business day for a small upcharge by choosing "Ship Separate." 
Order  TotalStandard Ground ShippingShip Separate, Additional and Late orders fees
$0 -$149.99$6$10
$150 - $299.99$8$12
$300 - $499.99$12$16

How do I calculate my earnings? 
All new Representatives earn 40% on their first order regardless of order size! You can continue to earn 40% on your entire order by achieving the KickStart sales goals in your 2nd through7th campaigns. If you miss a sales target, (and for all Representatives after the KickStart period ends) your earnings are based on the chart below. 
Note: Your earnings are a percentage of your total sales in a campaign. All items, including demos, samples, sales tools and brochures, count toward your order total — see details below
Campaign SalesBeauty & JewelryFashion and Home
$0 - $149.9920%20%
$150 - $299.9930%20%
$300 - $499.9935%20%
$500 +40%20%

Why do I earn at different levels on some products?
Your orders are made up of both variable earnings products (Beauty and Jewelry) and fixed earnings products (Fashion and Home).
  • Variable-earnings items result in earnings to you of between 20% and 40%, depending on the size of your order.

  • Fixed-earnings items are marked with a special symbol (Special diamond for fixed symbols) in each brochure. Your earnings level on these products will be 20%. Representatives who achieve status in the President's Recognition Program members earn up to 50% on Beauty and Jewelry and 25% on Fashion and Home. 
Do my online customers' purchases count towards my earnings? 
Absolutely. Online customers are a great way to build your Avon business and you'll earn the same on your online store sales as you do on orders. Your online store is a great tool for growing your business—your customers can shop from you anytime, anywhere!
How do I pay for my Avon order?
When you place your order online through, you can choose to pay through Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card, Discover card or Avon QuikPay. You can also process customer credit card information on Whenever possible, process payment for orders in-person with your customers, so you don't need to write down any sensitive personal information. Just log in to your account and enter payment while the customer is there or on the phone. As a reminder, always enter in the zip code associated with the credit card information used. 
You can also use our automated phone system, FAST Talk, to provide payment information for your order.
Can my customers pay by check directly to Avon?
Avon does not accept personal checks from customers. If you choose to do so, you may accept checks from your customers written directly to you. You will need to personally cash the check.
I heard that I can get credit with Avon. How do I go about getting that?
A Campaign Credit Limit may or may not be extended based on the information you provided when you enrolled, or for other business reasons. You can view your base Campaign Credit Limit by visiting the "Additional Information for You" section on the YourAvon homepage. 
I received a Campaign Credit Limit! What now?
If you were given a Campaign Credit Limit, you have been assigned an amount from Avon to put toward your order amount each campaign. If you choose to use your Campaign Credit Limit, you must pay the balance before your next campaign's order is processed. If you don't place an order in the following campaign, any payment balance is still due by 11:59 p.m. local time on your order submission date. Any past-due balance may be subject to a late payment fee for each campaign that the balance is past due.
What does it mean if I didn't get a Campaign Credit Limit?
If you were not granted a Campaign Credit Limit from Avon upon enrolling, you'll need to pay for your order in full when you submit it. Any previous balance must be paid in full and posted to your account before your order can be released.
What happens if I want to upgrade my Starter Kit or order another one?
Kits are limited to one per Representative at the time of enrollment. However, there will also be plenty of key bundle opportunities for you to look out for in upcoming campaigns! These are additional opportunities to get key product bundles at a Representative-only price to assist you in your selling endeavors.
How do I learn more about how to build my business? Are there any trainings I can take advantage of?
Our Avon community is here to support and partner with you to ensure your success. There is various training and skill building information available on, AVON U and during local events and workshops scheduled throughout the year. Also, be sure to read your Avon Beauty Buzz email and check the Beauty Buzz blog on to learn when our monthly Sales Meetings are held. These meetings are virtual and a great opportunity to know the latest product launches of each campaign and to listen to tips that will help you to succeed in your business.
I want to promote my business online and through social media. Are there any guidelines I should follow?
Yes! Visit the Social Media Center in your Web Office, where you can find all guidelines and best practices under "My SMC."

3 Simple ways to shop with Avon online

1. Shop My Avon Website- Shopping on my Avon website allows for you to shop when and where you want! You can shop by individual categories such as skin so soft, mascara, eye shadow, shower gel, eyeliner; the Avon product list goes on and on!

2. Shop My Avon brochure online- You can shop my Avon brochure online! This allows for you to click an item, select the quantity you want and keep flipping through the Avon brochure on your computer, phone, or tablet!

3. Shop by Avon Product Number-If you have already ordered with Avon before or you have an Avon Brochure with you now, you can shop by using the 6 digit product number that is located right next to the Avon product you want. You also have the capability of shopping from the 2 previous Avon brochures! This option is my favorite because you can compare brochures and get the best prices available!!

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Kim is an Avon Independent Sales Representative and national leader!! She loves the outdoors, spending time with her family, and going on dates with her handsome husband!! Kim holds the Silver Leader title and is the Team Leader of Avon Team Elite Diamonds with team members in over 27 different states! Kim began selling Avon in June 2015 and lives in Texas! She joined Avon to supplement her family's income and allow her husband to go to school to receive his doctorate degree! Kim runs her business mainly on social media! Kim has achieved many incentives including earning over $1,040.00 with the Journey to Gold incentive! She achieved the HIT $100 incentive where she earned $100 cash bonus and over $100 in Avon products and samples! The HIT $100 incentive required her to place a minimum of $100 in sales in her first 5 campaigns! Kim is also one of the top-performing contenders in Avon's 130th Anniversary bracelet incentive! She also earned an Avon button and Avon tote in the One Team One Dream Incentive!!! Kim has also earned a Car Kit in build like a boss incentive, the AVON pin in the pinning streak incentive, the Apron, Tote, Ear Buds, and Car Magnet during the shake up your sales incentive, and during the cruise like a boss incentive she earned the Avon beauty case, tote, and rolling suite case! Not to mention the thousands of $$$ she has earned in Avon bonuses! Kim is so excited to have you joining her on this journey for yourself and to help others learn to love themselves from the inside out! She has always had a passion for beauty and cosmetics and feels the focus of makeup is to ENHANCE the natural beauty, not change it! If you have not already, join her on this journey to help others learn to love themselves from the inside out by going HERE!
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