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Avon Coupon/Discount Codes for 2017

I am such a coupon/discount fanatic! I don’t like to shop for anything without a coupon in hand! To share my love for coupons and discounts with you, here is the list of the current Avon Coupons you can use at my Avon estore!

Take Notice: Keep in mind that adding $1 or $2 more to your Avon online order may qualify you for a discount! Don’t miss out!!

Avon coupon/discount code 2017: -- WELCOME10 for 10% OFF your Avon online order of ANY SIZE @ at http://kkarpowitz.avonrepresentative.com. Exp: One time use.

Avon coupon/discount code 2017: -- RA2507 for FREE SHIPPING on any order of $25+ @ at http://kkarpowitz.avonrepresentative.com. Exp: July 31st, 2017.

Avon coupon/discount code 2017: -- FREE SHIPPING on any order $40 or more!! No code necessary @ at http://kkarpowitz.avonrepresentative.com. Exp: NEVER.

Remember: ALWAYS Love Yourself!!

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