What Happens After I Sign Up With Avon?

What Happens After I Sign Up With Avon?

To Start things off I want to say WELCOME! I am so excited you are here and I want to help you succeed in your new Avon business!

Tip #1 to success: know the current incentives:
*View the Kick Start Bonus image attached to this email*  
The Kick Start Bonus is available to ALL NEW REPRESENTATIVES!
Your first order will be at the 40% earnings no matter the amount, but Make sure to build your second order to at least $150 in sales so you can qualify for the Kick Start Bonus earnings of 40%!! Otherwise you will be leaving money on the table!
(for example: a $149 order will be at 20% earnings for your second order but a $150+ order will be at 40% earnings!)

If you'd like to set up a time to talk on the phone, go over any questions, and learn how to place your first order...please let me know what days / times work best for you! You may also reach out to me via email or text !

Congratulations and welcome to Avon!

You’re taking your first steps in growing your earnings opportunity as a part of an amazing company 130 years strong.

I started Avon Team Elite Diamonds and I'm here to help you get started with Avon, as well as teach you how to become a successful rep. I love Avon! I have a team all across the U.S., I'm happy to be your Gold Ambassador Leader, and I'm here to help you reach your goals with Avon!!

I'm sure many of you signed up with me due to my online marketing. Over your career as an Avon Representative, I hope I am able to pass on some of my online marketing techniques to you so you too can grow a big Avon business! I am here to help as much or as little as you need so please feel free to reach out to me when you have questions.

Where do I begin?
Now that you have registered to be an Avon representative you will receive your starter kit in the mail 5-7 business days after your registration! In the meantime, I suggest becoming familiar with your “Youravon.com” portal. You will find access to this portal by clicking on the “Get Started Now” button in the email Avon sent you.

Now that you have become familiar with your “youravon.com” portal I recommend visiting “Avon University” within your portal to learn about Avon and how to become successful as an Avon representative! Avon University will prepare you for when your package arrives!

Important Information
Campaign Schedule - To find your campaign order due dates, log in to yourAvon.com - click on my account - Profile - See Calendar under Account Information next to your RPS Code.  Also, you can view “Key Campaign Dates”, such as order due dates, online selling dates, etc. in the upper right hand corner of your yourAvon.com account.

Commission Chart - The percentage of commission you earn will depend on the total of all of the orders you turn in for each campaign. You can find the earnings chart on yourAvon.com - click on Earning Opportunities - Earnings Chart. Also, face to face and online sales earnings are calculated the same!!

How to Place your First Order - If you would like to set up a time to talk over the phone and learn how to place your first order, let me know. Otherwise, I have attached step-by-step instructions on how to place an order.

Avon Brochures – Depending on the starter kit you chose it will come with a certain number of Avon catalogs. For the following campaigns, you will need to order brochures. They come in packs of 10. To order and see the cost of brochures, go to Order Brochures - then Avon Brochure Pricing Info - in your order cart on yourAvon.com. You can also order brochures using product number 055745. Since they come in packs of 10, enter a quantity of 1 for a pack of 10, 2 for a pack of 20, etc. You are always ordering brochures two campaigns ahead. Ex: if you are placing an order in campaign 2 and enter product number 055745, you will receive campaign 4 catalogs. If you wanted to order campaign 3 catalogs, you would need to use the drop down menu in your order cart to select campaign 1 and enter product number 055745.

Sales Tax - When a customer places an order with you, it is your responsibility to also collect sales tax. You can usually find your county's sales tax rate on the county website or by looking for the percentage on the bottom of a receipt from a retail establishment. Avon also has a tax calculator worksheet on yourAvon.com - under my Account - Tax Information - Tax Calculator. All you need to do is plug in your tax rate. Here is a link to my blog post “How do I find my Tax rate for my Avon business?”

How you get Paid - When a customer places an order from you, collect payment for the total amount of the items plus the order charge and sales tax. When you place your order, Avon will charge you for the cost of the products, the sales tax, and any business tools you purchase. Avon pays your sales tax for you with the money you turn in from customers. The amount left over from what your customers paid you and what you paid Avon is your profit. If you get online sales, you will receive the commission as a credit on your account. It will either take away from your balance you owe Avon or if you have no balance, it will accrue until it's a credit of $5 or more. At that time, Avon will issue a direct deposit so make sure you set your account up for it on yourAvon.com - my Account - Direct Deposit. Please note that you must place a regular order on yourAvon.com before you start receiving the direct deposits from eSales.    

How do I set up my online e-store?- Once logged in to Youravon.com there will be a link in the “Web office” that will help you set up your estore, if that tab is no longer present visit “Web office” and click on “Edit my estore”. From here you can customize your estore! Add a professional photo, social media links, and arrange the tabs as you like them!

New Avon Representative Programs - Avon has plenty of great programs in place to help you be successful in your first few campaigns as a new Representative. Please see the attached documents to see how you can earn free products, cash bonuses, and more!
See our Executive Unit Leaders, Emily Seagren’s, Welcome to Avon Message: http://youtu.be/-9PE9DXg3KU

See our Executive Unit Leaders, Emily Seagren’s, Overview of Avon Programs for New Reps: http://youtu.be/vhN4LHkjHPo

For Avon selling, marketing, and recruiting tips...be sure to check out my website to get your business started successfully: http://www.loveyourselfbeautyonline.com/p/blog-page_16.html

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Wishing you a warm welcome!

Kimberly Karpowitz
Avon Independent Sales Representative
Avon Elite Diamonds Team Leader
National Sales Leader/Recruiter
Avon Anew Skin Care Specialist

Important Avon Numbers:
Avon Customer Service: 513-551-2866
Spanish Customer Service: 513-551-4000
Leadership: 800-468-4600
Beauty Advisor: 888-340-2866
Fundraising: 800-288-3787
Product Info: 800-445-2866
QuikPay Issues: 877-784-5729
eRep Customer Service for Direct Delivery 800-500-2866

Remember: You Are Beautiful And ALWAYS Love Yourself!!
~Avon Beauty for a Purpose~
 Avon Team Elite Diamonds

3 Simple ways to shop with Avon online

1. Shop My Avon Website- Shopping on my Avon website allows for you to shop when and where you want! You can shop by individual categories such as skin so soft, mascara, eye shadow, shower gel, eyeliner; the Avon product list goes on and on!

2. Shop My Avon brochure online- You can shop my Avon brochure online! This allows for you to click an item, select the quantity you want and keep flipping through the Avon brochure on your computer, phone, or tablet!

3. Shop by Avon Product Number-If you have already ordered with Avon before or you have an Avon Brochure with you now, you can shop by using the 6 digit product number that is located right next to the Avon product you want. You also have the capability of shopping from the 2 previous Avon brochures! This option is my favorite because you can compare brochures and get the best prices available!!

Join Avon Team Elite Diamonds Today!

Not yet an Avon Representative? Join TODAY for only $25!!
1. Go to www.Startavon.com
2. Fill out simple form
3. Enter reference code: KKARPOWITZ
4. Pay fee and submit application
5. CONGRATULATIONS!! You are now an official Avon Representative and your own boss!
6. Visit our team (Avon Elite Diamonds) Homepage and start learning how to become a successful Avon Representative!!

Shop the current Avon brochure online now

Kim is an Avon Independent Sales Representative and national leader!! She loves the outdoors, spending time with her family, and going on dates with her handsome husband!! Kim holds the Silver Leader title and is the Team Leader of Avon Team Elite Diamonds with team members in over 27 different states! Kim began selling Avon in June 2015 and lives in Texas! She joined Avon to supplement her family's income and allow her husband to go to school to receive his doctorate degree! Kim runs her business mainly on social media! Kim has achieved many incentives including earning over $1,040.00 with the Journey to Gold incentive! She achieved the HIT $100 incentive where she earned $100 cash bonus and over $100 in Avon products and samples! The HIT $100 incentive required her to place a minimum of $100 in sales in her first 5 campaigns! Kim is also one of the top-performing contenders in Avon's 130th Anniversary bracelet incentive! She also earned an Avon button and Avon tote in the One Team One Dream Incentive!!! Kim has also earned a Car Kit in build like a boss incentive, the AVON pin in the pinning streak incentive, the Apron, Tote, Ear Buds, and Car Magnet during the shake up your sales incentive, and during the cruise like a boss incentive she earned the Avon beauty case, tote, and rolling suite case! Not to mention the thousands of $$$ she has earned in Avon bonuses! Kim is so excited to have you joining her on this journey for yourself and to help others learn to love themselves from the inside out! She has always had a passion for beauty and cosmetics and feels the focus of makeup is to ENHANCE the natural beauty, not change it! If you have not already, join her on this journey to help others learn to love themselves from the inside out by going HERE!
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